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He understood the basic premise of what had happened, but the reasoning she must have had absolutely baffled him. She had quite happily surrendered to Laura Ash’s mobile number so that if any tech related issues arose, she could text or call him for support.

She shrugged, looking across at him with a raised eyebrow, chewing on a mouthful of her food. “No, I suppose I don’t.” She laughed airily and smiled cheerily as she ate, enjoying her ignorance on the matter.

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That and the sheer number of beautiful women willing and in fact, eager to spend time with him made his would be bullies somewhat jealous of him. It may not have been real, but the comfort he found in his games, internet and the online communities within gave him peace and satisfaction.

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He had managed to get in a couple more videos without being interrupted but before long, his phone buzzed, again.

“It won’t connect to the internet.” He should’ve seen this coming. “Internet Service Provider, like Comcast or AT&T.” “I don’t have one :-(” Ash let out an audible sigh of frustration. Twenty-five minutes since his mom had dropped the ball and dropped him into this hot mess. We have a good signal, you should be able to connect.” He sent her over the network name and password, it took a little more explaining, retreading the same ground more than once, but she eventually seemed to get the idea. Xx” He shook his head again and set his phone down. To his pleasant surprise, his phone remained silent for the rest of the night.

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